Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ceramic Coasters and Note Holders

It's been a crazy month, but I've finally found some time this morning to sit down and catch up on instructions for my projects.

So . . . let's get started with something REALLY EASY -- ceramic tile coasters and memo holders. (NOTE: You can purchase 2" and 4" square ceramic tiles at any hardware store . . . generally the 2" tiles come in sheets of 36; but I've also found out that the tile stores carry them in sheets of 72. The 4" tiles used to come in sheets of 9, but I'm also now seeing them in stacked bundles. They're not very expensive -- ranging anywhere from $3 to $5 or $6 per sheet/package.)

2" Ceramic Memo Holder (Can also be used for photo holder or placecard holder)

Stampin' Up! Supplies:
* Craft Ink
* Small Rubber Stamp (for these samples I used Season of Joy for the poinsettia image and Sparkly & Bright for the tree image)
* Clear or Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder
* Heat Tool

Other Supplies:
* 2" square ceramic tiles
* Small (1 3/4") wooden clothespins
* Hot Glue & Glue Gun

1. Stamp design with craft ink.
2. Emboss with clear or iridescent ice embossing powder. IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the tiles are ceramic, they're usually very cool to the touch -- as a result, the embossing powder will take quite a bit longer to heat up and melt than when you're embossing on paper. Please be patient -- it will eventually get there. By the time the embossing powder melts, the entire tile will be VERY HOT, so be sure to let it cool down before touching it.
3. When the tile is cool, apply hot glue to the back of the tile and attach your clothespin. Be sure to attach it so that the end that opens lines up with the top of the tile; it should be slightly higher than the bottom edge. If you line it up with the bottom edge of the tile it will keep falling forward because of the weight of the tile.

That's it! You're finished!

4" Ceramic Coaster

Stampin' Up! Supplies:
* Classic Ink
* Stamps (for the sample I used Serene Snowflakes)
* Stampin' Sponge
* (Optional) Ticket or Round Corner Punch

Other Supplies:
* 4" square ceramic tiles
* Matte or Glossy Acrylic Spray
* Felt or other protective "feet"
* 3 1/2" square post-it note


1. Trim corners of post-it note with Ticket or Corner Rounder Punch (optional step).
2. Place post-it note in center of ceramic tile; use Stampin' Sponge to apply color around edges of ceramic tile.
3. Remove post-it note and stamp design.
4. Spray with acrylic coating and allow to dry.
5. Attach "feet" to bottom of coaster.

That's it! How much easier could this be?!

I hope you enjoy these projects.

Cath ;D

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